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Please consider donating to YTB. We are self-funded. No one receives a salary. We rely on donations, in-kind services, and volunteers.

YTB works for all youth and we want to be able to make it available more broadly.  There are thousands of youth in New Jersey who are disconnected from their community and uncomfortable with venturing beyond their doorstep (if they have one) to discover what is out there and how they can contribute.  Like everyone, these youth need a sense of belonging and opportunities to practice building skills and gaining confidence in their capabilities.  The same can be said for other places.  The thing that is different about YTB is that it is not a service that is given to youth or done to youth. is an endeavor to connect youth with appropriately matched opportunities to make meaningful contributions where they live and, in their neighborhoods, and communities.  These helping, giving, sharing-the-work experiences bring out the best in youth and help them make safe choices as they move along their transition to adulthood. does a little bit of good, and with your help will do more.  Thank you.

Your donation will:

  • Help us continue and expand the YTB100 Project (click for details)
  • Help us support our partners in small ways to help senior citizens experiencing food insecurity
  • and defray our costs for supplies and services we need for designing YTB print materials.
YTB100 Tees
YTB100 Tees

Soft and comfy tees in a light navy blue tie-dye. Adult Unisex sizes.