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YTB Explainer Document

Links used in YTB Virtual Workshop, Juneteenth, 2020
Document: Workshop PDF
Video: How People Start Timebanks
Quiz: One Question on Timebanking
Instagram: PostCards * "When They See Us" * and discussion of others at YTB_NJ
Video: Timebanking History
Quiz: TB History quiz
Survey: Workshop Survey
Feedback: YTB feedback

Details for YTB100 activities: June 2020 - The movie "Just Mercy" is available to watch for free during June.  YTB100 participants earn YTB credit for watching this film.  Tell your YTB coach about it.  Information on how to watch the film is at this link for Just Mercy.

Also in June - Other films on racial inequality and civil rights streaming free, online this month.  YTB shows that youth can be leaders. Watch any of these films and let’s keep the conversation going.  Watch Ava DuVernay's 13th free online ...

Click >> for link to the Week01 PDF form 
Week02form * Week03form * Week04form * Week05form * Week06form ...

YTB100 Season 1: May through August 2020

The challenge of YTB100 is to reach 100 credits before the end of August.

  • Each week, the YTB100 Team will send a list of five activities to you or your YTB100 Coach.
  • Each activity is worth two YTB credits with the possibility of bonus credits.
  • Participants can earn up to 10 credits per week for completing activities. 
  • Participants must earn at least 10 credits per activity category by completing activities.
  • Each week participants report their completed activities to their YTB100 Coach.

YTB100 has 5 Categories of Activities:

  1. Write: poem, resume, letter, song lyrics, thank you notes ...
  2. Move: walk, jog, dance, clean, organize, garden, plant ...
  3. Design: draw (logo, poster), edit video, take photos ...
  4. Learn: puzzle, quiz, new game, use a tool, learn a recipe, interview someone ...
  5. Serve: prepare meal, contribute ideas to YTB, run an errand, talk with someone ...

A small number of youth are participating in YTB100 Season 1 from NJ, CT, and VT, along with members of a youth club in Jamaica.
As we acquire additional donations we would like to have more youth participate in YTB100 Seasons.  Please donate.  Thank you.
YTB engages youth in community service to strengthen their community connections and to learn about Civic Engagement.