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Help. Assist.
Things we can do when we are remote.

Give your time for others, your family, neighborhood, your world—and yourself!

Plant something!

Plant some flowers or vegetables!

Interesting Images

Take and select 8-12 pictures/week of things that you find interesting.

YTB Designs

Show off your design skills!

Help Someone

Lend a hand for 15 minutes.

Prepare a Meal

Prepare a meal for your family or a friend.

Clean Up

Wipe down (ask permission) the handles, doorknobs, surfaces at home to disinfect.

Write a Thank You Note

Write a thank you note to someone.

Exercise at Home

Do a physical activity at home.

Co-Lead a Web Conference

Co-lead a 20-minute YTB web conference with a YTB coach.

YTB E-News

Write 3-5 sentences for YTBthisWeek eNews.

YTB Song

Compose 6-8 lines for a YTB rap song.

YTB Quiz

Help create a 3 part YTB quiz, with each part having 4 questions.

What's Your Superpower?

What are things that people ask you to do or that you offer to do when the need arises?

Create Your Resume

Work with your YTB coach to create a resume.