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Definition: Youth TimeBanking is a community service practice for supporting youth in developing community plans to increase awareness of community organizations and expand their network of social supports.  YTB is experiential learning in the interests of building community connections.  YTB also introduces youth to principles of co-production and servant leadership.  When youth are involved with community they strengthen their connections to their community and learn about Civic Engagement.

Vision:'s Vision is that all youth transition to adulthood with the experience of demonstrating responsibility for service to others and with a strong sense of being connected to their community.

Mission:'s Mission is to provide training and implementation support on the practice of Youth TimeBanking with community, family, and youth organizations and to provide technical assistance with using data reporting tools.

Projects:'s current projects include:

  • Prior to COVID-19, and hopefully next year, YTBNJ will coordinate opportunities for youth focused on five areas:  1) community service; 2) “Practice Sessions” with YTB Coaches to learn new skills; 3) YTB Event Days to demonstrate project activities; 4) YTB Field Trips for volunteer service experiences, and 5) YTB Leadership at Youth Conferences and YTB Event Management.
  • During COVID-19, is coordinating YTB100.  The goal is to earn 100 YTB credits by the end of the May thru August season. Youth will receive a reward each month. 
    The YTB Team will send participants a weekly list of activities to complete in five different categories.  The categories are Write, Move, Design, Learn, and Serve.  A small number of youths are participating in Season 1 from NJ, CT, VT along with members of a youth club in Jamaica.

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